The Disciple Crew Go To Extra Lengths To Make Bassrush Show


When severe storms cancel all flights in the area, what does a DJ have to do to ‘go beyond the call of duty’ to make sure they arrive at their show?

Hire a car? Hitch a ride? Finally get round to inventing teleportation?

How about dishing out $10,000 on a private jet?

That’s exactly what the Disciple crew did on Saturday night to make it from Dallas to LA for their debut sold-out Bassrush show at The Belasco.

While private jets are usually the sole preserve of the Tiestos, Diplos and Aokis of the world, Dodge & Fuski, Barely Alive, Virtual Riot, Dubloadz and Astronaut bucked the trend this weekend and all chipped in on a private jet to make sure they didn’t miss their debut party with one of the biggest names in US bass events.

“At 7pm, literally hours before the LA show they were stuck in Dallas from another label show the night before with a delayed, and then cancelled, flight due to storms,” explained Disciple manager Rossy on email. “Rather than risk disappointing their fans and missing the show, they paid $22,000 for a private jet and flew to the nearest private airport near the club.”

In a way, they kind of had to… One artist from that line-up not being able to make it would be understandable and accepted, the party would go on. But with all the label’s biggest players together? The LA show would have been cancelled. And who knows when you’re going to get another chance to host a party with Bassrush in the capital of US electronic music?

Fair play for their negotiating skills as well. Not only did they make the show (which was, on all accounts, an absolute blinder) but according to Dubloadz Facebook, they negotiated the price down by over 50%…



$22,000/$10,000 – Either way, it’s still an impressive amount of money to pay to ensure they turned up. And do so in style, proving there’s much more to our side of electronic music culture than just playing shows and getting paid.

Ever since their move from Bristol to LA, Disciple have continued to push their own brand of bass music with characteristic attitude and energy that’s hard to deny. What they did on Saturday night sums it up. As mentioned previously, judging by all artists’ social media accounts (and fan comments) their Bassrush debut was well and truly worth every penny they shelled out.

Props due.