Are Disciple In Talks With Martin Garrix?

There’s been a buzz of activity at Disciple in recent months. Even more so than usual.

In less than half a year Myro and Dodge’s Bristol-born/LA-based imprint has released eight EPs, slapped Fuski out of his rural daydream and brought him kicking and screaming back into the dubstep game and announced three super-respectable new signings: Oolacile, Phase One and The Others.

When Oolacile was announced, the label explained he was the first of four new signings. Now, thanks to a new heavyweight remix of Martin’s breakthrough hit via a leaked remix clip, rumours are circulating that the latest member of the Disciple camp could well be, weirdly, Martin Garrix.

Here’s what we know. Firstly, last month, Dodge is overheard on his phone saying he won’t remix Animals.

At the time we understood this to be a joke. But two weeks later ID requests sprang up during Miami Music Week asking about an anonymous remix of Martin Garrix’s breakthrough hit had been causing commotions at key parties and Ultra Music Festival.

Then this. A leaked clip shared to us by an anonymous source late last week…

We contacted Disciple for an official statement on the rumours and were given this directly from the label:

“Martin’s love for heavier bass music is no secret amongst friends. He’s been on our VIP first promo mail-out list for several years and is a great mate of the label. Most people know him for big EDM tracks but behind the scenes, particularly when he’s on a mad sesh, he’s a huge bass head. We’d love to work with him but can’t confirm any more at this time.”

Stranger combinations have happened in bass music: High Contrast has collaborated with Tiesto, Skrillex has collaborated with Justin Bieber, Sigma have worked with Take That. Could a Garrix and Disciple pact be on the cards in the near future? We’ll keep you posted.

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