DJ EZ to perform another 24 hour DJ set this weekend

Like all the best DJs, EZ‘s timing is impeccable…

Bringing some much-needed stay-at-home cheer during the seemingly never-ending third lockdown, the garage and bass titan is teaming up with house music dons Defected on Saturday January 23 for a non-stop 24-hour set to raise money for mental health charity MIND.

“I’m really excited to be partnering up with Defected to support a cause close to all of our hearts at a time when it’s needed the most,” states EZ. “As with my previous 24-hour live sets, I hope this one lifts spirits far and wide and spreads positivity to as many people as possible.”

The show, which will be hosted on Defected’s YouTube and his own website, kicks off Saturday night at 6pm GMT and will roll through until 6pm on Sunday. It will be the third 24 hour set of his career; his first was in 2016 with Boiler Room as he raised money for Cancer Research, then last year the London selector hurled himself into the first lockdown with an unforgettable set to raise spirits during a time of great weirdness and uncertainty. This time his focus is on mental health, an issue that has affected us all during a near-year of COVID-related restrictions, with all money raise going directly to MIND. You can donate here.

Essential listening at any point of your day, the last marathons proved that EZ can soundtrack literally any task or activity of your day, from woozy late Saturday night sessions to wholesome breakfasts or roast dinners with the family. We spoke to him late last year in his first indepth interview in over 10 years and touched on the topic of these now signature 24-hour shows.

“I don’t need to practice or train mixing because I’ve been lucky to have so many shows over the years that there’s no rehearsal / practice sessions needed on that front,” he told us. “I get very excited by things and that drive keeps me going through when I do get tired. I do try my best to get as much sleep as I can in before, though. At least seven or eight hours a night. Musically I prepare things so I make sure to cover all the styles.”

Set your reminders, get lots of sleep in, tune-in, donate to MIND and see if you can cover the whole 24 hours. For more information visit DJ EZ’s website and for added EZ appreciation check last year’s interview with the UKG don. We’ll see you in the chat.

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