DJ Fresh to quit touring next January


Bad news…

Late Saturday night, July 23, DJ Fresh took to Facebook with another frank and clear announcement: he’s wholly weary of the music industry and will be coming off the road altogether next January.

This comes as something of a shock. On May 18 Fresh wrote a post that stopped us in our tracks; he was waging war against thyroid cancer and winning. What’s more it wasn’t the first time he’d suffered it.

Since then Fresh has been back on the road, appearing in strong health and, according to photos and the smoke and mirrors of social media, enjoying it.  Then this brutally honest post landed on Saturday night:



His thoughts on the industry’s current – read: consistent – thirst for instant success, hits and numbers over an serious creativity or actual substance that were hinted at in the first post are now as clear as day.  It’s gutting to read that the darker shade of the music business has worn down the spirit of one of electronic music’s genuine and talented souls. A man who, as if we even need to remind you, has given us some of drum & bass’s finest tracks of all time, set unparalleled benchmarks for the genre and joined the dots in innovative ways that still sound exciting and ahead of their time years and years later.

Fortunately Fresh does not state his decision is a result of any development in the cancer he’s fighting. He also doesn’t state he won’t be releasing any music or quitting the studio. And he certainly doesn’t say he’s leaving Bad Company (quite the contrary, in a sense). We hope the next chapter of his life is even more fulfilling and rewarding than the last 20+ years.

Shout to everyone: hit him up and make sure he knows how any of his tracks in his extensive repertoire have hit you personally.

Shout to Fresh: stay well, keep fighting the good fight, best of luck with the next chapter. We’re always listening.

Image: Twitter