DJ Hybrid Releases Album Across Two Labels

An album delivered in two parts over two labels: As far as we know, no artist has ever released a drum & bass LP in this way ever before.

Until now…

This week sees DJ Hybrid releasing Deeper Into The Jungle and Addicted To Audio. Two EPs comprising 10 tracks and themed artwork, it’s a body of work that is album sized in shape and stature with just one twist, it will come our way on Hybrid’s two labels: Audio Addict and Deep In The Jungle.

Launched 2010 and 2013 respectively, Audio Addict and Deep In The Jungle represent very clear sides to the dance and have become strong forces in their fields. Between them they cover that illusive rolling sweet spot between all subgenres that appeals to DJs from every corner. Over the years DJ Hybrid has delivered face melters across both imprints and we’re starting to see the same development with artists he signs such as Kumarachi and Hungry T.

This album, however, will be the biggest crosspollination across the two labels to date. Awash with amen lightning, sub thunder and hailstones of his signature spoken word samples (including baldy gang-hanging eastender Ross Kemp), the 10 track collection showcases Hybrid’s sharpest steps and gulliest rolls and join the dots between the two labels and his own discography in an exciting and unusual way. They also join the dots between the two strongest sounds in drum & bass right now – a renaissance of foundation sounds in both jump-up and jungle.

We’ve not seen anything like this before, so we called him up to find out more and ask the essential question: what happens if one EP smashes it and the other one bombs?

Is this an album or two EPs?

Essentially it is my second album. The main reason I’m doing it across two labels is because I think it will be interesting to see what people go for the most but also how people listen to it. Sadly, when you make an album it’s hard to expect people to listen to every tune so I wanted to split it up in this way, give people time to digest both releases and see how it works.

Both labels have a very clear sonic signature and there’s a great roller crossover between both the dancefloor drum & bass and jungle sounds right now.

Yeah definitely, there’s a great feeling in drum & bass right now full stop with both revivals for the original sounds in both drum & bass and jungle. I love all forms of the genre but my heart definitely lies in that traditional sound of both.

You can hear that on the album. Forever reminds me if High Society-era High Contrast, for example…

Funny you should say that; High Society was the first ever drum & bass album I owned. I’ve always had a big interest in that sound – I don’t put out too many liquidy tracks but it’s something I’ve always made and played in my sets. I made this a few years ago and it felt like a good time to show that side.

Any other oldies from the Hybrid vaults?

Deeper Into The Jungle was made a year ago but everything else is fresh.

There are some wicked spoken word samples on that one!

It’s actually Ross Kemp from an episode of Ross Kemp On Gangs where he’s in the Amazon trying to find a militia. I’ve been waiting for the right tune to use it.

DJ Hybrid feat Ross Kemp. Awesome. So what happens if one label sells really well and the other one bombs?

I’ve thought about that but I think I’ll keep on regardless because I believe in everything I make and release. I wouldn’t ever put all my eggs in one basket or making specifically jungle or drum & bass. I’ve always had eclectic tastes and ideas and I’d always want to keep it as wide and varied as possible. Regardless of popularity or what the market says. I’m just keen on keeping things more interesting, switching things up a little and keep myself excited. It’s great to be in a position to release my music and other people’s music in this way.

Addicted To Audio / Deeper Into The Jungle are out now 

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