DJ Mag Top 100 2015 is open for voting…


Is Hardwell really a better DJ than your favourite D&B, dubstep or bass music DJ?

No? Then let’s do something about it…

Heads up: from now until September 14 expect your timelines and inboxes to be plastered with campaigns, shout outs and blatant neediness from DJs far and wide, all eager to grab one of the 100 prestigious rungs on the annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJs ladder.

Another heads up: The results will be announced at Amsterdam Music Festival on October 16… And your timelines will be drenched in everyone moaning that their favourite DJ isn’t on the list. Or that the list isn’t an accurate reflection of the scene they’re passionate about.

Honestly? Unless you’re into massive big room / EDM style DJs then chances are it’s not going to reflect your own personal tastes. It certainly doesn’t reflect UKF’s sonic sphere; last year’s poll had zero D&B presence, only Skrillex repping the bass in the top 10 and Zomboy, Borgore and Carnage repping bass in the entire Top 100.

This isn’t a moan, though… It’s just a reflection of the type of DJs who campaign for votes heavily and the types of fans who actively vote.



So let’s sort this out… Last year over 30,000 DJs received votes from 900,000 voters in over 200 countries. We can add to those numbers with a healthy shout out for drum & bass, dubstep and bass music at large.

It’s not like drum & bass hasn’t enjoyed its time in the Top 100 sun. Going back to the DJ Mag Top 100 list in 1997 Hype, Grooverider and Roni Size were all present in the top 20. The following year even the deep, dark delights of Doc Scott made an entry. But those days of UK selectors hogging the charts are long gone… In fact only Andy C and John B have even tickled the poll in the last five years on a D&B flex.

As fans of bass music, we are the only people who can affect this and dent the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll with our favourite music. Right now we’re in a world where David Guetta and even one-hit-trance-wonder ATB get more exposure than any D&B or dubstep DJ. This isn’t right. If our music can top the UK top 40 and headline some of the biggest electronic music festivals, it really ought to have a bigger presence in the most famous worldwide DJ poll too.

As an added incentive, the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll will also engage fans in much more important discussions and thoughts with the Top 100 DJs Foundation charity asking a selection of questions as part of the voting process. With 900,000 people voting, the results are likely to be a far more accurate portrayal of issues and topics that music lovers are passionate about than the actual DJ poll itself.

If you feel passionate about our music, vote for your favourite five DJs here