DJ Phantasy kicks off his 30th DJ anniversary celebrations with Phantasy + Phriends series 

Photography: Chelone Wolf



Every year is a big one for SaSaSaS lynchpin DJ Phantasy, but 2019 is especially significant…

On September 30 he’ll be marking exactly 30 years behind the decks as DJ Phantasy. And he’s not celebrating this lightly… Similar to our UKF10 celebrations, he’ll be marking this milestone throughout the entire year with a series of next level releases, events and a book that documents his own life and the development of rave culture that still thrives to this day.

It all started on February 2 with the release of Phantasy + Phriends Part 1. A three track EP featuring collaborations with K Motionz, Dextone and long time and fellow scene OG Mayhem, it ranges from supersize dancefloor D&B to bassline thumpers. His first single since Civilisation with Macky Gee and DJ Fresh, Phantasy + Phriends Part 1 will trigger a whole series of major league collabo releases and whole stack more. Here’s what we know so far… 

Big release! Please big up your collaborators and explain why you’ve picked them for the first of your Phriends series?

The idea came about from a conversation with Murdock who mailed me and said, ‘hey, I have an idea for you, if I give it to you, you must promise me I can have it for Belgium exclusively.’ I said of course then he replied with Phantasy + Phriends. I loved the play on words and thought about all the artists I’ve worked with over the years so I thought, why not? I have loads of love and respect for everyone involved in the EP: K Motionz, Dextone and a long time pal of mine Mayhem.

Since being introduced to K Motionz by the late great Dominator (RIP), I’ve always felt this kid was going to have a massive future in drum & bass. We get on so well that it was really easy to get vining in the studio and we came out with this absolute banger Silence Awaits You. Dextone and I released No Way Out on Viper Recordings a few years ago and it had a really good response. We made the VIP version for my set at Rampage with SaSaSaS in 2017 and never really had any plans to release it. But we’ve had lots of people ask when would it be released so it was a no brainer.

And of course Mayhem is a true legend in the rave scene and still one of my closest friends. He’s actually one of the best producers I’ve ever worked with and I wanted to create something different for our SaSaSaS sets during festival season. We were going to release it under a different name but we had so many people messaging our socials asking about the track we decided it would go out on this series.

What can you tell us about the next parts in the series?

Phantasy + Phriends Part 2 will be dropped over the next 4 weeks and feature three artists I have the ultimate love and respect for. First is a track called Hypocrite with Kanine, which is a techy banger. I have something with grime don ScruFizzer called Bad2DaBone and Sound Killa with my boy Shabba D that has been getting lots of love when played out. I’ve actually heard people walking around singing the bass melody which I love, I can only liken it to someone chatting an MC’s lyrics or a singing the hook of a song. There is a third part planned as well, plus some stand-alone singles and the stuff I am working on with my bruva Macky Gee. And on top of that SaSaSaS have some releases planned too. As you can see, it’s a very busy schedule ahead!


Nice to hear some cheeky bassline vibes, is this an avenue you’re exploring a lot at the moment?  

I love all music, so I had to do something that I could play in our sets but that still had that energy to be able to keep on par with the D&B vibes. One thing I came to realise many years ago is that we all listen to different music and not just one style or genre. So I wanted to do something on that bass house vibe and we produced a banger. I love that track, it gets such a great response from wherever we play it. There is always a chance I could do something different in the studio, but I also believe when you do different styles, it can help you when you’re doing your normal thing because you pick up little tricks that you might not have done before.

Amen. Beyond all these releases, 2019 is a big year for you anyway, right?

It is! September 30 2019 will mark the 30 anniversary of DJ Phantasy. A journey I began because I fell in love with a style, music and culture that brought me so much happiness and vibes. So I’m planning some big things to celebrate a milestone, a moment in time and hopefully a piece of rave history. 30 years, man. That’s actually crazy when you think about it! That’s Three Generations Deep right there.

We hear you’re writing a book! 

Yes I am. We have been working on it for about six months already and it’s coming together really nicely. It’s going right back to when I was a kid, to the birth of acid house, rave, through to jungle and drum & bass and up to the current day with my SaSaSaS family. It will be released on that date, September 30 2019, to mark the actual date I got my name from that infamous acid house rave called Phantasy in Reigate. Working on it has brought up so many memories…. Both good and bad! But I’m so looking forward to you guys being able to read it. I literally can’t wait.

Amazing. How else will you be celebrating this landmark year?

I’ve got my year pretty much scheduled out already, the main timeline of it anyway. Everything else will just slot in around that but trust me, it’s jammed packed. It’s February already and I’m already thinking where the bloody hell did January go? We’re working on some music videos and also there are a couple of massive things we are working on constantly behind the scenes and I’m so looking forward to bring them out as well. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure UKF get the scoop on these things, so keep an eye out. Finally I want to thank everyone who’s out there supporting not just me but my team and most importantly, our music and our scene. You lot are amazing and thank you.

Phantasy + Phriends Part 1 is out now

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