D*Minds launch new label RUN with long-awaited Critical Impact, Break and Skibadee dubplate: Creeper


Creeper by name, creeper by nature…

Courtesy of Critical Impact ,Break and Skibadee; Creeper has been one of the most heavily ID’d and requested tunes this year… And it finally lands this week on D*Minds’ brand new imprint RUN.

A new development from their legendary events of the same name, D*Minds promise the label will champion innovation and open mindedness and never shell out beats for the sake of it. If Creeper and its equally slippery groaner b-side Deathwish are anything to go by, future RUN releases will be check-in-sight.

We caught up with all parties concerned…

Tell us what we need to know about the new RUN label.

D*Minds: There’s a passionate team behind RUN who ultimately want to support good music. Starting the label was a very natural progression to our ethos of supporting both new and established artists. We’re constantly looking to push the envelope and support the scene we love.

Does the label have a sonic remit?

D*Minds: Good music is good music, we don’t want to be pigeon-holed to any sub genre. We represent the full 360°of drum & bass at RUN events and want the label to do the same. There will obviously be creative tissue connecting releases that will give the label a coherent sound, but we won’t push for any particular style and certainly won’t release for release sake. Things at RUN just need to feel right. If a track’s running, it’s running!

I get the feeling you’ve been waiting for the right tune to launch the label with. When did you first hear Creeper? 

D*Minds: We first heard an early version of Creeper at the last RUN ALL DAY. Critical Impact was in the middle of his set when he unleashed it, for us it was straight vibes from the off. Creeper was definitely a great fit for the first release.

Break/Critical Impact… How did this come together? The classic Bristol connection?

Critical Impact: I met Break through DJ Die when I first moved to Bristol and we’ve been good mates ever since. We chat a lot about life and music, it’s good when you meet someone on a similar wavelength.

I guess the classic Bristol connection. We linked up a few years ago, hung out a bunch, and appreciate the same kind of drum & bass.

Critical Impact: Break has always been a producer I’ve looked up too and he has had a massive influence on my overall production mostly through conversations over the years and many hours on the phone listening to my mixes and giving me advice. Poor guy!

Break, you came through a few years before Critical Impact. What was the first tune of his that stood out to you? Have you been watching him develop as a producer?

Break: Yeah I’m feeling old these days! I really remember Head Top Champion, I played that one a lot a few years ago. We started a few tunes back then but never finished them. We chat a lot about production and tunes, but have a good laugh and try not take it too seriously. He’s getting better all the time, but he was really good years ago too, he’s definitely got one of the best set of ears from all the people I know.

Do you have more collaborative pieces to come?

Critical Impact: Nothing imminent but it’s not the last you will hear from the two of us working together.

Critical Impact, the Skiba connection is your doing, right?

Critical Impact: In a word, yes. We have about 15 tunes recorded together. I’ve been once again very lucky to make genuine friends with a total legend don MC of drum & bass and someone I used to listen to on tape packs when I was 13 cycling to school.

Skibadee: DJ Hype introduced us just over a year ago. Basically we’ve been working on loads of other stuff anyway. Mainly at 140 BPM, though. We tried a few different ideas out for this and the Creeper idea just seemed to fit well with the actual track so we just went with it.

I love the dubplate nature of Creeper. It’s definitely lived up to its name over the last eight or so months. Please give a little love for original dubplate culture!

Critical Impact: That was a very deliberate tactic as we grew up on dubplate culture. Sometimes things need to build organically.

Break: Yeah I’m down with things building in the club first. It shouldn’t just be a flash in the pan for two weeks. It’s nice to build up some hunger in people for a release.

D*Minds: Everything is so fast paced now that not many tracks get the time they deserve to grow and really be heard. Dubplate culture allows tracks to evolve and change through their journey to reach a final version. The anticipation to hear a track you can only hear certain DJs play creates excitement and an unmistakable energy. There’s nothing quite like hearing somebody play that dub that you’ve been trying so desperately to get your hands on for so long.

From an artist point of view it can work to your advantage, the urge can get so great that if you don’t get the track you’re after it has the potential to breed creativity and can inspire you to go and write something that pushes your limits in the attempt to make a better track that only you have! We remember in our early days when we released T-10 on Adam F’s label Kaos. We felt it was taking way too long to come out and remember repeatedly asking Adam for a release date. Adam was 100 percent right in taking time, the track kept growing which gave us time to create custom artwork and really nurture the release. It went on to be a great success selling over 10,000 vinyl copies in the first week of release and even reached number 41 in the UK national charts!

That said, it’s easy to refer to how things were. But we cant recreate a time or place. The fast-paced digital world demands a higher output and allows easier access to create music. But we should always strive for quality and give the music we love and believe in the time and dedication it deserves.

Amen. So what’s next reveal as many forthcoming plans as you can!

D*Minds: The rest of this year is packed with amazing events and sees us partner up with some fantastic brands. We’ll be hosting stages at Love Saves The Day, Hospitality On The Beach, Hospitality In The Park and putting on our biggest RUN show to date RUN ALL DAY 2018. There wont be a flurry of releases on the label, we want to take the time to get Creeper and Death Wish out before deciding on exactly what comes next but there’s some exciting prospects in the pipeline. Special mention to Rob, Tom and Kane at the RUN team!

Critical Impact, Break & Skibadee – Creeper / Death Wish is out now on RUN

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