DNB Allstars Announce Allstars MIC

Photography: Khali Ackford

Launching Friday November 26: DNB Allstars will roll out a brand-new series championing the vocalists and MCs.

Entitled Allstars MIC, each fortnightly episode will put the spotlight on a different artist – many of whom aren’t strictly associated with just drum & bass – with an exclusive session from the artist over a high grade beat. It kicks off with Devilman.

“I think this will be a whole new experience for drum and bass fans, it’s something that the scene has been missing,” says Devilman. “I am happy to be setting the standards as the first MC on this fresh new style of drum and bass entertainment”

Each episode is a stylised video shot in cool location with attention paid to aesthetics with added animations but the main aim to bring the vocalist to fore in a way that’s more common place in grime, drill or hip-hop. Devilman’s dexterity between genres and tempos makes him an ideal MC to launch the concept with.

“It’s good that MCs are more appreciated,” adds Devilman. “The right MC brings a whole next-dimension to the genre. I feel I have developed and progressed my unique style in drum and bass to shut down every track and live show across the globe, the feedback recently has been mad.”

Devilman launches the series which is set to include an exciting and diverse range of MCs and singers from across the board. Each vocalist will be announced on the week of the episode. For now, all we can reveal is the self-style Drum & Bass Father himself and the producer behind the beat – Higher Sector

“The freestyle is absolutely mental,” Devilman grins. “I’ve switched my flows to keep the listeners engaged throughout with some hard hitting lyrics for the newer generations of D&B listeners. This one reminds me of a certified banger.”

Certified, banging and coming our way on Friday. Check here for more info.