Do it for the boobs: Pegboard Nerds commit EP to breast cancer awareness


Last time we spoke to Michael Parsberg and Alex Odden we caught a crucial curry recipe off them.

This time we’re chatting about something even more important than spicy food: boobs.

This month has seen them activate a next level game-framed fund-raising project for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Setting their sights high – every donation goes towards filling a pink cloud with VIP unlockables when certain targets are hit.

The striking graphics are complemented by an equally vibrant sound:  Released October 23, their five track Pink Cloud EP is a brave new sonic adventure for the Scandinavian duo, across which Michael and Alex poke, prod and play with a more melodic vocal-led style… And the long-awaited arrival of their Fire In The Hole VIP!

Check out the funding site in all its glory: ALL proceeds of the EP and related merchandise go directly to breast cancer research. So far they’ve raised over $13,000 and the EP isn’t even out yet. We caught up with the guys to find out more…

So how did this project come about?

Michael: The music started when Alex had one of the initial ideas and realized there was a theme to the new material. Then the campaign came after. Essentially we want to give something back and this seemed like a good thing to do. Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases there is and needs more funding for research. Breast cancer affects women who give birth to kids. They’re the indirect reason we can reproduce. We could have done Movember but it made sense to do this – It’s breast cancer awareness month, the track is Pink Cloud. It all came together naturally.

Alex: We have a lot of young fans and we want to make people aware of what’s going on and that charities really need as much help as possible to fund research and awareness.

It’s great to see electronic music developing more of a voice in this way, right?

Michael: Everyone in general should be, regardless of what music they’re into or what they do. From our perspective, we’ve reached a level where we can actually donate earnings from our work to a charity. We have a good living, why be greedy? It’s time to do something for other people…

Amen. What’s the full target of the pink heart youre filling up?

Alex: We would really love to hit $100,000.

I love the whole idea of unlocking levels. What happens when we unlock the next level?

Alex: We have a lot of VIPs we play in our performances and this could be a potential time to give some of them away…

Awesome! There’s also the VIP of Fire In The Hole on the EP. But tell us about the brand new stuff… There’s definitely an exciting new sound from you guys at play here.

Alex: Thanks. We genre hop A LOT. Sometimes this is to the frustration of some of our fans. We noticed we had a lot of tracks that lived in the same universe so we thought we’d put them out as a full body of work. This is us exploring the softer side of EDM but, like with everything we’ve done, we’ll be moving on and exploring other sounds. That’s what excites us about making music!

Michael: A lot of people say ‘oh why don’t you stick to this sound or that sound’ but it’s like if we cooked curry every night: you don’t want to eat curry every night, you want sushi, steak, something different. It’s the same with music. Of course we’ll go back to the curry, we’ll never abandon what we made our name in. We just fucking love good music. It doesn’t matter if it’s drumstep or drum & bass or electrohouse or dreamdance or scouse house or whatever – it just has to be good!

Let’s fill that Pink Cloud!