Dog Blood Are Back!

dog blood

Throw your middle finger if you feel them, yo! 

Following an immense headline show at HARD Red Rocks this weekend it is clear that Dog Blood are back in business.

Not that they ever really went away (they played Movement Detroit just two months ago), but with Boys Noize celebrating 10 years of BNR and being one of the most respected and in-demand men in techno, and Skrillex setting new records and smashing the charts with Diplo as Jack U, it would be easy to forgive the duo if they shelved their raw acid power project.

Here are two videos to showcase their return… One captured by serial HARD documentarian Glenjamin and one via YourEDM. The former captures the firing introduction to their Red Rocks show (complete with a worrying amount of people in the crowd staring, brainlessly into their phones), the latter may be a brand new production (although eagle-eyed commenters suggest otherwise)

Either way, these rock… The world needs more Dog Blood. Check ’em.

H/T: YourEDM