Dom & Roland announces new album: Lost In The Moment

Photo: Chelone Wolf


Dom & Roland will release his eighth studio album Lost In The Moment on April 3.

12 tracks deep, and released via his own Dom & Roland Productions label, it follows 2016’s evergreen Metalheadz album Last Refuge Of A Soundrel and sees the pioneer producer return to his favourite D&B fundamentals.

“I wanted to make an album that gets back to the core of the elements I have always loved in drum and bass,” he explains. “The timelessness of simple tracks! A sense of being lost in the subtlety of evolving soundscapes, rhythms and loops which hint at more complex detail and emotions. These are the things I find harder to find in this era of instant gratification and easily consumable music.”

The result is a powerful experience that’s rooted in the rolling, industrial strength aesthetics of early Moving Shadow albums such as Industry and Back For The Future but remains feircely forward-facing. Ranging from deep, treacle-like stripped-back two-step (Bad Robot) to total emotional explosions (Binary Star), it’s Dominic Agnas doing what he does best: laying down pure D&B granite designed for total immersion.

Of the 12 tracks only one has been released prior to now – the rocket-powered soul of A Broken Heart. You can check clips below and pre-order it now on Bandcamp.

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