Don’t just feel the bass… Wear it!

bassaware drop

Tired of tinny low-end feels through your headphones? Fed up of flimsy subs while on the go?

bassAware, a New York company who specialise in ‘personal bass products’ may have the ultimate solution: a wearable subwoofer.

Fittingly called Drop (not to be confused with our own UKFTV show The Drop) it’s similar to the Subpac in that it uses a tactile transducer to transmit bass vibrations through your body. Placed on your upper back, the vibrations travel through your body – giving you that warm physical experience that’s usually the sole preserve of a good club system or studio – before hitting your inner ear so your nervous system allows you to hear it, too.

Designed in a holster style – so it looks like something Steven Seagal may have worn in the 90s – the Drop is slim enough to wear under a jacket and contains a battery pack, an amplifier and pockets big enough to carry your music device which the product plugs into (and you plug your headphones directly into the Drop)

It also has a Boost Mic Mode which picks up the surrounding sounds through an omnidirectional mic and enhances the bass of whatever you’re listening to. EG: you’re at a really lame club or at a festival that’s blighted by sound restrictions and can’t feel the bass. Or, potentially, watching a movie.

Essentially this looks like a really cool piece of kit that enhances our favourite element of the music. It’s currently at funding stage with a month to go and they’re aiming to hit $50,000. There’s a range of investment options including a DIY kit that encourages incorporating the Drop into your own wearable tech designs. Impressively future. Take a look and get involved.

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H/T: YourEDM