DRS & Dynamite join forces as a duo and sign to Hospital Records

MC news does not come any bigger than this: DRS and Dynamite MC, two of the biggest and most influential MC heavyweights in the game, have joined forces and signed to Hospital Records.

They’ve already written a stack of material, we’ve been told an album is happening and they’ll be performing live together at key events. Together they promise “styles on styles, songs and bars, fun and seriousness”, and it all kicks off this Friday with the release of Fix It All.

Available on Hospital’s Sick Music 2020 album, and produced by London Elektricity, Fix It All reps both MCs styles with class. Deep, melodic but powered by their signature wit, sensitivity and flow, it’s the start of something very special. And no one saw it coming. No audio is available until Friday January 31 but you can hear a sneaky sliver of it here on the Sick Music 2020 minimix around 5.50…

DRS and Dynamite on Hospital! 

Dynamite: I can’t wait for people to hear the music and see us do our thing. We’ve both had long journeys through music, but this is a brand new lane so it has fresh energy. It’s something that’s never been done before.

DRS: It’s no different to when I sign projects to different labels. I do that constantly. But what I do like is that it feels like you have the attention of a team of people who all specialise in their own field of expertise.

Dynamite: I’m looking forward to strengthening my relationship with Hospital. As someone who has been performing at their shows for years, I know the impeccable vibes.

What was the first ‘wow’ moment you had of each other’s music?

DRS: When I heard New Forms. “Do you think that you can hold tough when the riddim gets rough and the DJ says I think you’ve had enough” That’s the actual blueprint for vocal drum and bass/jungle and probably one of my biggest influences to date full stop. Just in the way to structure D&B songs. Those guys were time travellers.

Dynamite: Tryin’ was, and still is, a tune! Any time I’ve seen DRS live on D&B sets and obviously the monster tune that was The View. I recognise the greatness. It’s always there. He’s an all-rounder. Singing on lock. Bars on lock. An access to raw emotion.

DRS: I rate Dyna’s pen game, his flow and his razor sharp delivery! I think he brings a lot of class and character to the whole proceedings.

Dynamite: To work with a dope MC just makes you wanna be doper. It’s not competing. It’s just healthy. It pushes me to sharpen my biro.

Tell us about the debut single together Fix It All….

Dynamite: That it’s just the beginning! DRS got it started, I followed and channelled war stories from my heart. Those who feel it will know.

DRS: It’s the story of something coming to end of the road, whether it’s a relationship or a business or whatever. One side has just given up and is telling the other “you fix this situation” because no matter how crazy the lengths they go to try and repair the unfixable, it’s not gonna work. Hopefully people will listen and hear that this is a real project and came from a genuine place.

You both flex across many genres as well as drum and bass. Can we expect to see any of that from future releases as a duo?

Dynamite: Anything’s possible!

DRS: Who knows? Nobody even expected this haha. Let’s get this document out first and just see…

What else can we expect?

Dynamite: Styles on top of styles. Class and delivery. Songs and bars. Structure and content. Depth and surface. Fun and seriousness. Music for the masses.

DRS: One grown up and one not-so-grown up perspective of life, love and music and all that falls in between…

Finally… What can we expect from you live?

DRS: Well we have an albums worth of music from the four corners of drum & bass. Some amazing songs, a little something for everyone and ENERGY.

Dynamite: Majestic mayhem!

Fix It All is out via Sick Music 2020 on January 31

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