DRS launches Space Cadet this week


Fancy a trip?

DRS has been unveiling his shiny new spaceship over the last few weeks and there are more than enough seats on his vessel for all of us. This week marks his inaugural Space Cadet launch and his co-pilots are some of the sharpest navigators in the game: GLXY, Artificial Intelligence, Skeptical and Dogger & Mindstate.

Wrapping up another insanely prolific year for the Manchester artist, the inaugural Space Cadet EP lands this Friday, December 21. As you might expect, it runs the full cosmic D&B gamut from soft heart pluckery on Rain Dance with GLXY to full dark night overdrive on Overdose with Artificial Intelligence and all shades in between. It also marks the start of a very exciting 2019 for the man born Delroy Pottinger.

“Expect the unexpected, more missions are coming very soon…” grins an enigmatic Delroy who’s been developing the label project in his head for almost five years.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the philosophy, the aesthetic, the sound, how it feels. It all makes sense to me,” continues Del who has already got major label stripes from his previous label Estate Recordings. Currently filed in cryogenic freezing, Estate Recordings was a highly successful vehicle for DRS, Strategy and Konny Kon’s ground-breaking Broke N English troupe and then, later, the likes of Chimpo, Skittles and many more. Right now, though DRS has upgraded his vehicle for something a little more space-bound…

“From growing up in the 80s watching sci fi, being a stoner and all the space cadet connotations that come with it,” says Del. “I get called a Space Cadet all the time, so it was too much to pass by really. It kinda needed addressing. We’ve got loads of plans for what we want to do. I guess it’s a culture thing; a hub for people who share the same spirit and appreciate the feeling Space Cadet is about.”

As the label develops in the new year we will all get to appreciate the Space Cadet feeling in numerous exciting directions. For now, the all-star casted Space Cadet EP and the label’s launch mix with LSB and DRS set the scene as we wait for DRS to flip the switch in a major way next year.

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Space Cadet EP is out December 21