Dub Phizix releases tune to help the homeless

Just listen to this…

Articulating the current UK climate with crisp, overwhelming clarity – the greed, the division, the misdirection, lies, manipulation and rapidly growing wealth divide – The Pitchfork And The Flame sums up how many people are feeling right now. Every single penny it raises will go Centerpoint, the UK’s leading youth homeless charity. You can buy it here, it comes courtesy of two generations of northern legends.

Dub Phizix follows the honesty and realism of this summer’s Calm with an even icier, sterner production. Loaded with solemn organ chords, it builds like a modern day hymn over three minutes before the breaks whip into the mix for the big crescendo. Breath-taking buisness, it’s the perfect bed for a savage narrative from Paul Heaton.

His voice instantly recognisable from his years in The Housemartins (the band Fatboy Slim was also in as the bassist) Beautiful South and many years as a solo artist and his caustic spoken word resonates with anyone who voted for a more hopeful result in last week’s UK general election.

The charity the proceeds of this track will go to is no coincidence. It’s estimated that 320,000 people in the UK have no safe place to call home. The statistics are sobering, especially at this time of year, and they’re rising. Organisations such as Centrepoint are an essential resource to help those who are most affected by providing them with housing, stability, emotional support and learning so they can develop their lives, get a job and move on. Centrepoint help over 15,000 youths a year. Find out more about what this amazing charity does.

Buy Dub Phizix – The Pitchfork & The Flame (Fr Paul Heaton) now