Dub Phizix To Mix Next Fabriclive CD

Dub Phizix - Lo Res Press Photo - Credit Jimmy Mould (20)

Just in case Ed Rush & Optical’s Fabriclive 82 mix wasn’t quite enough… London electronic music institution Fabric have just added more fuel to the D&B fire: Dub Phizix will be manning the controls for Fabriclive 84.

Release date: November 20. 40 tracks deep (over 50 per cent of which are currently unreleased) if you’ve seen Dub Phizix in action, you’ll know that this CD will sound like no other mix available. A victim of his own dubplate success, the Manchester selector has had to resort to some seriously devious techniques to keep his tracks secret…

“I first played Fabric B2B with Stray for a Critical night and it felt like a real landmark for me,” he states. “By the end of the year I’d played three or four times. Even though it’s been a while since I played there, room 3 has a great intimate feel because you’re literally a foot from the crowd. One that I really enjoyed in there was early on. It was an Exit records night and it was heaving and I had loads of brand new tunes that no-one had heard. People were leaning over the decks taking pictures of the names of tunes of the CDJs.

“The next month I played there again and I had to change all the names of stuff I wanted to keep a secret so they couldn’t do it. For about three months, my artist name on my CDs was ‘Phil fuckin Collins’ Since that time, fabric has become like a second home. They can’t get rid of us till about 9am most times we’re there. It’s usually the cleaning staff who send us home! Nowadays I mainly play room 2. I’ve played all three rooms but the stage in room 2 is my favourite.”

Dub Phizix has never made a Phil Collins edit. But with a sound as full-frontal, bashy and physical as his, we reckon if he did it would still be pretty heavy.

Tracklist below: featuring cuts from the likes of Ulterior Motive, Subtension, Chimpo, Sam Binga, Skittles, Cadenza and loads more, there’s not a cheesy 80s baphead in sight.

Image credit: Jimmy Mould


Check Dub Phizix on tour with UKF:

Bournemouth (October 10), Southampton (October 15)


Dub Phizix Fabriclive 84

01 Dub Phizix & DRS – Break The Chains [unreleased]
02 Dub Phizix – Who Are You? [unreleased]
03 Ulterior Motive feat. James Sunderland – Muted [Metalheadz]
04 Subtension & Minor Rain – Sklep [Samurai]
05 Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Contact [unreleased]
06 Was a be – WLTB [unreleased]
07 Dub Phizix – Dummeh [unreleased]
+ Chunky – Ooh Ahh (Acapella) [unreleased]
08 Chimpo – Backslang [Par Excellence]
09 RIOT – Zouk In The Souk [Enchufada]
10 Basement Jaxx – Buffalo (Dub Phizix Remix) [Atlantic Jaxx]
11 Dub Phizix & Xtrah – Bill Roach [unreleased]
13 Skeptical – Tundra [Soul:r]
14 Dub Phizix – Dun Dem [unreleased]
15 Subtension – Fairlady [Critical]
16 Dub Phizix – Gaana [unreleased]
17 RIOT – Bounce [Enchufada]
18 Was a be – Champion Sound [unreleased]
19 Fixate – Tweeker [unreleased]
20 Dub Phizix – Bounce [SenkaSonic]
21 Cadenza & Nasher – Gyal Town [Mad Decent]
22 Fixate – Sueno [Exit]
23 Chimpo – Atlanta [unreleased]
24 Fixate – Tic Tac [unreleased]
+ Ward 21 – Doberman (Acapella) [unreleased]
25 Dub Phizix – Bugs [unreleased]
26 Dub Phizix & Chimpo – Ossibisa [unreleased]
27 Dub Phizix & Strategy – Jus’ A Nuvver Divvy [unreleased]
28 Chimpo – Restless Leg Syndrome [Exit]
29 Dub Phizix – Smokey Hot Biscuits [unreleased]
30 The Rum Baba – Stop Talk [Ninthwave]
31 Skittles – Mr Song [unreleased]
32 Fixate – Throwback Therapy [Exit]
33 Sam Binga – 8Barr [Critical]
34 Dub Phizix – Hooligan Plague [unreleased]
+ Strategy – Marka (FABRICLIVE VIP Acapella) [unreleased]
35 DRS feat. Enei – Count To Ten (VIP) [Soul:r]
36 The Rum Baba – Meatallic [Aluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out Music]
37 Dub Phizix feat. Fox – Never Been [Critical]
38 Mikal & RIOT – Control Of People [Metalheadz]
39 Dub Phizix – Rainy City Music [Ingredients]
40 Matthew David Scott – What’s Next? [unreleased]
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Watch Dub Phizix & Strategy wrap themselves up in clingfilm