Dubstep community unites to help TrollPhace after tragic house fire

Image source: GoFundMe

The dubstep community is rallying to help LA-based artist TrollPhace following a house fire on January 22.

Fortunately TrollPhace (real name Damon) and his family were unharmed. But tragically his pets were lost in the fire. The dubstep artist is also reported to have lost all his belongings including his studio equipment and all production material he’s made as an artist.

This is a devastating scenario, especially for a self employed artist in such a competitive scene. So close friend Mike Puliz has organised a crowdfunding campaign to ensure Damon is able to recover from the situation with as much ease as possible. Full details can be found on the GoFundMe page:

As you may know our very close friend Damon’s house burnt down last night and he lost everything, including his life’s works as a producer/DJ, all of his pets and all of his belongings. We are very lucky that Damon and his Family managed to get out safe but understand that losing pretty much everything else in your life is a tragic and heartbreaking thing to deal with. Not only are memories and precious belongings gone but also his beloved pets who were an extension of his family.

We cant replace these special things but we can help get Damon and his family back on their feet with the financial support they need. I know as a Dubstep/Music community we will pull together and help Damon, who’s music has definitely touched us all in someway over the years, bounce back and start to rebuild his life again.

We ask you to give whatever you can and your help is massively appreciated from all of us trying to support our friend get through this hard time and these very rough events.

All thoughts and love to Damon and his family right now. Full details on how to donate and help him during this awful time can be found on the GoFundMe page