DubWars: Dubstep goes shoot ’em up


This is cool…

Late last month Wobble Entertainment delivered DubWars to Steam… And it’s a must for any bass/gaming fan.

An interesting hybrid between shoot ’em up, rhythm game and retro: your character battles their way through the ranks of the outer planetary dubstep scene from basement dweller to world tour in a turntable-powered spacecraft, blasting all bass-hating alien enemies in their wake.

What’s interesting is that you don’t control the weapons – the beats and bass do. So when that drop hits, make sure your enemies are in close proximity. But when the breakdown hits? Keep your craft on lock and stay well out of the way of the aliens as there are no weapon-firing rhythm elements to save your sweet aspiring DJ ass until the build up kicks in.

Addictive, fun and a dope soundtrack with tracks from NGHTMRE, Varien, OMNI, Minesweepa and more.  Not bad for £6.99. Watch the teaser below and grab it on the Steam store.

Source: FACT