Eastcolors Announces Debut Album: Lighthouse

eastcolors - lighthouse

Russian artist Eastcolors, real name Andrey Terekhov, has been a name on the lips of many discerning drum & bass fans for a while.

Collaborating with fellow countryman Enei at a young age clearly had an impact on the budding producer. In 2014, he jumped straight to number one in the Beatport charts with Toys; a track that was featured on Andy C’s esteemed Nightlife 6 compilation. Not bad going for someone in the embryonic stages of their career.

It’s therefore pretty big news to exclusively reveal that the talented producer has a debut album on the way.

Entitled Lighthouse, it’s set for a June release on Demand Records and the tracklist is as follows…

1. EastColors – No More Longer (Feat. MC Fava)
2. EastColors – Caught Up (Feat. MC Mota)

3. EastColors – Lighthouse (Feat. MC Fava)

4. EastColors, Traffic & Noel – Dreams VIP

5. EastColors – You & Me

6. EastColors – Everything You Need

7. EastColors – Siberia (Feat. MC Swift)

8. EastColors – Could Be

9. EastColors – To Start From The Beginning

10. EastColors – Chords

11. EastColors – Open Up Your Eyes

12. EastColors – Evidence

13. EastColors – Using Time

14. EastColors – Groza (Feat. LaMeduza)

15. EastColors – Groza (Feat. LaMeduza) (Formally Unknown Remix)

16. EastColors – Chords (Detail Remix)

Hefty. We caught up with Andrey to find out more…

Congratulations on the album news! In approximately one month it will be out in the open. How are you feeling about it? 

“Hi UKF readers! I’m so excited right now. I’ve put a lot of work into this album and really can’t wait for it to be heard by everyone. Of course, I’m a little bit nervous too, but mainly feeling positive.”

Your release on Program last year, Toys, picked up a lot of praise and still gets rinsed today. Will there be tracks similar to that on the album? 

“I’m very humbled and thankful for all the praise people pay to my music. The response ‘Toys’ received in particular was hugely unexpected and incredible for me, but I’m not trying to repeat myself on this album. There are some deep, melodic tracks on the LP and I’m really looking forward to people’s reaction to them.”


Did you stumble across any major difficulties whilst producing it?

“During the process of producing this album, I moved from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. It was challenging moving to a new city and I had to arrange almost everything from scratch, including a new studio, a new environment and basically a new life, but no matter what happened I kept working on my album. It was a new experience for me but I’m happy to be where I am, and happy that I persevered with the album despite the difficulty.”

Is every track on the album drum & bass or have you mixed up the genres and styles? 

“There are three non drum & bass tracks on the album, one of which is a remix, and I’m really proud of each of them! I didn’t want my album to be 100% drum & bass because I really love other music genres too, especially house music, and I felt it was important to mix things up a little bit to show that I’m not just solely bound to drum & bass.”

Was there any inspiration or motive behind this album?

“It just felt like the right time for me to work on a bigger project. I wanted a new challenge, and Lighthouse felt like an appropriate one. I had to start somewhere, so I produced a few tunes and ended up shaping the whole thing myself, which took me over a year. I think an album is something every producer wants to do at some point in their career and I’m really privileged to have the opportunity at this stage.”

Why should drum & bass fans be excited for this release?

“I think that people who have liked my music in the past will definitely be into this album, and hopefully people who haven’t heard my music before will be as well. I have worked really hard to make every track unique and interesting for home listeners, as much as for fellow DJs.”

Are there any exciting collaborations on this album or was it strictly a solo grind?

“I wanted my album to be completely solo produced because I wanted it to showcase the vision of my music. That was very important for me. There are vocal collaborations with MC Fava, Swift, Mota and LaMeduza but none of the tracks are co-produced. However, I have been in the studio with Enei lately so something might end up on his album, we’ll have to wait and see…”

Have you got any big events or shows lined up to announce its release?

I’ve got two dates in June in Czech Republic and one in Holland, which I’m really looking forward to. We’re negotiating with other promoters at the moment, so if any readers want me to be in their town, hit up my agent via!

Lighthouse will be released on Demand Records June 1

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