EDC Basspod stage catches fire during Andy C’s set

andy c lit

Just as we might throw our shoes out of nearby windows during his set, let’s throw all the obvious puns away now…

Andy C is lit. He played a pure fire set. His dubs were too explosive. He burnt it up. Just when you thought he couldn’t raise the heat of drum & bass any more… A stage catches fire during his performance.

Yes, this actually happened at EDC Las Vegas on Saturday night. The fire took place just 10 minutes into Andy C’s set at the Basspod area as one of the impressive pyro-firing structures caught ablaze forcing the Ram bossman to cut his set short while the area had to be cleared for the event’s fire marshals to extinguish the blaze properly.

Most importantly, everyone is okay and only one technician was treated for minor burns. The area re-opened an hour later for Crizzly and MUST Die b2b Eptic to close the show. Of course it was fitting that the world’s biggest D&B DJ was playing when the fire happened, but unfortunately for Andy his EDC set (one of the main highlights on the night’s Basspod line-up that included Excision, Caspa b2b Rusko and Frankee b2b Loadstar) was over. Naturally, he was as humble as ever…

This isn’t the first time the Basspod has suffered technical difficulties. Last year Trollphace and Getter blew the stage’s system twice, leading to an hour of darkness. Sadly Andy’s hour of D&B darkness lasted only 20 minutes. Here’s some YouTube footage of the blaze starting.

Image: Andy C Twitter