Enta Reveals More About Debut Album – Digital Rage

Enta will release his debut album on September 30 via Biological Beats.

Weighing in at 10 tracks and inspired by the dancefloor, the album is entitled Digital Rage… Despite the South London’s perpetual chilled and chirpy demeanour.

“The music is ragey, but I’m not an angry man,” grins Enta, real name Liam. “It’s angry in a physical sense, in a chaotic way, not in an emotional way. I’m expressing myself through the music and that seems to come out in a very violent manner.”

Violent and well considered. While each track is made with DJs and dancehalls in mind – and many of them have already been tried and tested by the likes of Chase & Status, Andy C, A.M.C and Randall this summer – Liam explains how he’s spent time working on different arrangements and intros, giving the album a much more versatile, immersive and proper album-style finish to it.

“Each track definitely has its own identity, its own vibe and character,” he tells UKF. “You can listen through to the whole album and hopefully each track will make you move differently. I’m still making music for those weirdos at the back of the rave!”

There are many moves to be made as Digital Rage continues to expand on Enta’s ever-broadening sound. Already establishing an exciting breadth and range with previous releases such as his Formula EPs on Biological Beats and this year’s Computer Entertainment on Souped Up, his debut album reveals even eclectic horsepower more under the Enta bonnet from high voltage dancefloor bruisers (such as Aimbot and the title track Digital Rage) to breakbeat-charged junglised slap-abouts (Respect and Led Astray)

”I haven’t put out many jungle tracks before,” says Liam. “I’m still finding my footing in it, but going to Rupture nights and seeing artists like Mantra, Double O, Sherelle and Equinox is really inspiring me at the moment. Me and my mates only started hitting Rupture after the lockdowns ended. So even though they’ve been active for time, it’s a relatively new scene for us so there’s that feeling of discovery when we go.”

With the quality and variety running consistently throughout the album, Digital Rage comprises Enta’s sole productions and only features one collaboration; the label bossman Fatman D on Speechless, which was released in June as the first single from the album. A very personal showcase, the album artwork and videos are also designed and created by Liam.

“It’s been fun,” he explains. “They’ve all been hand drawn and coloured in digitally. It’s the first time I’ve made visuals to go with the tracks, but I’ve never had time or knowhow to do it. It’s the same with the videos. It’s difficult learning how to animate stuff but we got there in the end. It’s nice to have something personal to me.”

So far two singles have been released: Speechless and Vindicated. One more track will drop on September 2 ahead of the release on September 30. Follow Enta for more details.

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