Everything You Need To Know About: Figure – Gravity

figure - gravity

Last week Terrorvision technician Figure announced he’ll be giving away an entire free album later on this summer. Over the weekend he revealed the first of the album’s 17 tracks, the hype-frazzled bleep-basher Who’s Next.

It goes a bit like this…

I guess I could come up with some corny quotes like ‘yeah it’s called Gravity because I’m holding shit down!

We called Figure up to find out more…

“I just want to get the album out to as many people who have supported me and paid to come to my shows and festivals,” he tells us. “People are just going to torrent it anyway, so might as well give it away!”

The title is his bid for total cosmos chaos, but there’s refreshing air of honesty about what you can expect to hear…

“I guess I could come up with some corny quotes like ‘yeah it’s called Gravity because I’m holding shit down!’” he laughs. “But I wanted something a bit spacey and was playing around with various ideas to do with that type of theme and Gravity, which the name of one of the tracks on the album, sounds like a strong name for an album. There are tracks on the album that might surprise people… I’m known for the really heavy, atonal stuff but there’s a lot more musical stuff on Gravity. I kinda feel I’m stuck in a box I’ve made for myself…”

A situation experienced my pretty much every producer who’s made a name for themselves in one particular style or genre, but not a situation you’ll hear many of the artists discuss publically, Figure’s observation is as frank and blunt as the beats he’s known for…

“I’ve grown up being influenced by people who have that one sound and signature so it’s something I’ve always done and have had the best experience making,” he explains. “The heavy stuff and the creepy halloweeny thing, which has been an interest of mine for many years, have become the things I’m known for. I appreciate the box I’ve made for myself but, hopefully in time, I want to be known for more.”

The man behind the hugely popular Monster Series cites inspirations from his hip-hop youth such as Deltron 3030 (who he’s paid remix respect to in the past) and Dr Octagon as well as the new Prodigy album. Figure – Gravity is a chance for him to bring these influences and stretch his reputation further than ever before.

“I put out other styled stuff all year long but sometimes I think people just hold out until October when I do another Monster Series,” he explains. “Gravity is an opportunity for me to put these new ideas and sounds into one place. I hope you all like it….”

No doubt we will. Keep Figure’s socials in check for updates and premieres as they come in: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud