Everything You Need To Know About Mefjus Cubed

Bringing a whole new level to thinking outside the box, Mefjus has just announced his debut performance concept: Mefjus Cubed.

An A/V trip powered solely by his own productions (and as-yet-unreleased remixes), the show takes place in a 3×3.5 metre screen cage construction from which Mefjus pilots in the centre. With all tunes stripped down to their component stems for ultimate decon/reconstruction frenzies and unique improvisations.

Developing the approach of his recent album Manifest, during which he completely analysed, broke down and rebuilt his technique, Mefjus Cubed is the latest in a string of major accomplishments for the Linz born-and-based artists in the last 10 months including his Fabriclive mix, which comprised entirely of his own material, and his album. He also tore Let It Roll to pieces as the grand finale act on the mainstage just weekends ago.

Mefjus Cubed will launch with a five date Austrian tour this September / October, kicking off in Mefjus’s hometown Linz on September 28. Be there or be Cubed, these are the full tour dates for now, scroll down for the full schematic from Martin Mefjus himself….

Mefjus Cubed: Tell us everything… 

It’s an A/V show and the main idea is upping the performance, just like I was upping my production standards when creating the album. Doing the whole Manifestation process, finding my sound over two and a half years, a standard DJ tour didn’t feel right. Like I wouldn’t do it justice. So I put my head together with a friend who designed the original logo ten years ago. He said ‘you’ve got a very pro symmetrical logo. Why don’t we build a stage design based on that?’ So that’s what we did.

I’ll be using Ableton Live with controllers from within the cube while on the outside it will be projected with visuals that are mapped and sync’d to the music. It’s going to look sick and I am very excited about it. But it’s so much work! It’s been crazy and it’s finally coming together. We’ll start with an Austrian tour and it kicks off in my hometown Linz.

Launched in your hometown with your old mate who designed the logo. This is like a super-rooted-but-future Mefjus! 

Exactly that man. It’s funny, I spoke to my friend and he used to be into photography and design but now he’s a nurse in hospital because he was fed up with the field. When I told him I wanted to do this, he dug out some sketches he made 10 years ago and said ‘you know I’ve always hoped we’d eventually get the budget to do something like this’.

Wow. He still had those designs?

Yeah he did. Cool, right?

Very. So same process you went through musically on Manifest is mirrored with how you’ve built up the performance? Just a constant learning vibe for you isn’t it.

Absolutely. Once I’ve finished one project I have only one thing in my mind which is to get to the next one and make it bigger and better.

It’s all about improvement in every aspect of my work and I feel like this project will be taking everything up a level, both musically and visually as far as the performance.

The music will all be Mefjus productions; some classics, the Manifest album, bootlegs and remixes, hosted by my very good friend and tour buddy MC Maksim synced with brand-new visual content.

With lots of room for improvisation?


Visually and musically we prepared a setup that links specific video content to specific moments in the songs that can be retriggered and rearranged by my graphics guy Phillip as we go.

The actual content is generated by a local company who I briefed on how I want certain music elements, moods or grooves to be emphasised.

As far as the music goes I have stemmed all Manifest album songs and many of my older releases, which I am able to reprogram live. So for instance I could end up mashing up the drums of If I Could with the bassline of Sinkhole while Zoe Klinck’s vocals of Blame You come in … Everything is possible.

For now it’s just in Austria but will we see it elsewhere next year?

Well based on this tour we’ll see how else it develops. Austria is my home country so it makes sense to start it here. The bigger picture, if there’s demand, would be to bring it to the UK and beyond. It’s been built to be flown so we’ll see how the premiere goes and tour goes and take it from there.

Exciting next level business…

I’m very nervous about this I have to say. It’s keeping me on my toes and taking me out of my comfort zone a lot but it’s fantastic to develop and learn so much new stuff again.

Especially the visual side of things is very new to me. It is super inspiring to play with another dimension sort of speak that can emphasise emotions and moments in the music. It’s like adding another huge layer to what you’re trying to say with your music.

The whole learning, developing vibe is you to a T, though. Right?

Yeah it is. I love learning new things, trying new things, setting myself new goals and putting everything I have behind it to achieve them.

That was the motivation of  Manifest. Mefjus Cubed links up that motivation and allowed me to translate my audio and visual ideas into a unique experience. Something for me to demonstrate my ambition and form a more full and unparalleled performance experience. I hope you like it.

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