Excision: New album will be full of “dirty heaviness”


Who needs a PR machine behind you when you’ve got Twitter?

Earlier this week Feed Me took to Twitter to reveal the imminent release of his EP. Just days later Rottun roustabout adopted the same technique to reveal an entire album!

excision album 1

Great news. Although it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise… He revealed to us last month that he had an album’s worth of material ready, although we didn’t expect to see this land so soon.

Since announcing his first album since 2011’s X-Rated, Excision has since developed hype (again, on Twitter) with a few loaded tweets that hint at what’s to come explaining how the project has taken a lot of hard work (like all good albums should) and how it will be full of dirty heaviness (just as we’d hope from him!)


excision album 2

excision album 3

With both Excision’s album and Feed Me’s EP dropping within days of each other, it seems the first week of February is going to be a killer week for new music!