Excision To The Rescue!


We live in an exciting era: social media has led to our favourite artists appearing as if they’re just a message away. Beyond the acts who literally just post release and show information (or pay someone to do it for them) there’s a whole league of artists who really ‘get’ social media give us insight into their creative process, their life on the road and a sense of humour that leaves you feeling like you feeling like you share a sense that’s beyond the music.

Then there’s Excision. A man who understands that a community of fans has potential to go beyond a straight-up artist Facebook page, he established a separate closed group Excision’s Headbangers; a place where fans can unite, discuss and share love for the bass in an environment that’s moderated enough to keep trolls and spammers at bay. It’s also a place where fans can get assistance for ticket problems… By Excision himself!

Such is the case this weekend, as reported by YourEDM. A story so impressive we’re sharing it, too; on Friday February 19, the Headbangers community and Jeff Excision himself came to the rescue of one fan who was left stranded in Atlanta with legit tickets, all documentation proving they were hers but still no entry.

The problem was that her boyfriend had bought the tickets, so they were registered in his name. But he was no longer able to attend. While the fan had documentation to prove that she wasn’t faking (including his debit card that he’d bought the tickets on) the venue still refused entry on an understandable but highly frustrating technicality. Every fan’s worst nightmare; she must have felt so close but yet so far.

After posting on the Headbangers page her post was responded to by Excision who persisted in sorting out the situation even when her phone battery had run out. After personally clearing her entry with the venue – and checking the box office itself – he then secured back stage passes.

Extra mile achieved just moments before he ignited the next-level Paradox machine: Excision probably had a fair amount to prepare before his show but still ensured one fan had an even better night than she’d originally anticipated. Here’s how it went down (image source: YourEDM)


Excision 2

Excision 3

Excision 4


This is what being a card carrying fan and a member of a proper community is all about. High five to Excision: if PLUR really did have a police force, he’d be superintendent.

Source: YourEDM