Camo & Krooked confirm new album


Yesterday Camo & Krooked piqued serious interest with a sudden new album revelation on their Instagram account…


camo and krooked new album

Simply titled “gearing up for album number four”, it seems the Austrian duo have rebooted their studio armory to take their sound to another level. We hit up the guys directly for more details, they came back with this chunky statement…

“To take our music to the next level we treated ourselves with some analogue gear like the Moog Sub37, Prophet8, Roland Chorus Echo, MBase2 and still much more to come. We are currently in the process of making new and unique ideas happening and reinvent ourselves without loosing our signature sound. We have been influenced by loads of different genres, and taking four months off playing any gigs definitely helped us finding out what we really want to do with the next album.”

Obviously it’s far too soon to get release dates or anything solid in terms of when we’ll hear these unique new ideas but it’s clear they’re making great headway on a new album and it’s being made on some impressive outboard kit. While we wait, Hospital Records have confirmed much closer dispatches in the coming months including… Sunchase’s debut Med School EP The Truth (out next week), Krakota’s Ice Hands/Ghost double header on Hospital (out March 2), Etherwood – You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me (out March 16) and Reso’s next album Ricochet on March 30.

We can’t wait to hear all of it. Stay tuned for more Camo & Krooked album details as we get them!