EXCLUSIVE: Dimension signs to MTA!

Dimension - 2014

Props to Dimension: he’s just signed to Chase & Status’s mighty MTA.

Additional props… He’s kept tight lipped about it and not told a soul for seven months.

Although that’s not to say he hasn’t been having some fun with today’s announcement recently….

“I’ve been itching to tell people for ages now,” he laughs. “Teasing it out has been fun, it’s nice to be able to play a bit of a game with these things, put a bit of effort in by do something that people can engage with a little bit rather than just go through the motions of simply releasing another record.”

Not just a man who deals exclusively in premium D&B productions and on-point, festival-slaying displays of selectionism… His attention to detail also makes him a perfect fit for MTA. Now the ink is dry on the contract, he’s ready to move forward with a stunning two tracker – Love To Me / Move Faster – and has heaps more in the pipeline including an album, next-level sounding artwork, an awesome co-lab with one of the most respected Ram artists in operation and, he reckons, some of his hardest tracks to date.

Love To Me / Move Faster is released December 7. Watch out for the world premiere of Love To Me on Annie Mac on Radio 1 tonight… Then UKF straight after at 8.30pm GMT.

Read on for loads more details about Dimension’s exciting new chapter…

When did MTA first coming knocking?

“It was when I was away doing some gigs in Australia, so around April earlier this year. They asked me to come in for a chat, we listened to some music, discussed what direction I wanted to go in and we seemed to agree!  A week later they asked me back and it was then that Will and Saul offered me a deal. It was all pretty mad and it’s been tough not being able to say anything until now, seven months on!”

The most important thing, of course, is the music. My sound isn’t changing, if anything, the music I’m writing right now is even harder.

You’ve been bubbling like a badman for two years now – were you expecting a deal on this level so soon in your career?

“Absolutely not, MTA was a label that I aspired to and that maybe i’d approach after my first album, so to get this opportunity after just a handful of releases is big deal for me. I must also say an absolutely massive thank you to Mark (Wilkinson), Jon (Cyantific) and Jamie from CYN Music. Those three guys took my music to a place I never thought it would get and taught me so many invaluable things. We had a lot of fun and it really wasn’t an easy decision to cut from such a great working relationship and move over to another label, but they were extremely understanding and supportive.”

I know you’re going to say ‘yes’ but really… Was MTA a dream label to sign to?

“Yes, MTA was the label I always wanted to sign to, I really mean that. I’ve known the MTA gang for quite a while and have already worked with Kove. I’ve also played at a few of their nights and we all get on, so signing was a no-brainer really.

I’ve always had a vision of how I wanted my artwork & music to combine. The team and I have all worked hard to achieve something that represents me as an artist. I wanted to create something that was different from the usual drum & bass stereotypes and demonstrated the sort of things I’m actually into.”

What type of development can we expect to see from this?

“The most important thing, of course, is the music. My sound isn’t changing, if anything, the music I’m writing right now is even harder. We’ve created this really cool theme for all the artwork, an amazing designer called Tom Cotton has hand drawn these distinct and elegant sculptures. I love the contrast between the super clean and sophisticated, combined with the darkness of underground music.”

Love To Me and Move Faster… Have they been written since you started sorting out the MTA deal? Or were they ‘bangers in the bag’ so to speak?

“The single was written before I knew MTA had any interest.  I wanted to follow Crowd Reaction with something a more melodic but something that still worked just as well in the clubs. I’ve been playing both tunes out for months now and have been constantly tweaking them. They both drop on pretty high notes so it was a fun challenge getting them both sounding meaty in the club but I’m really happy with results. I actually sing quite extensively on Love To Me but you’ll be extremely glad to know that all the vocals are intensely processed and way beyond recognition!”

Finally, what can we expect following this single?

“I know a lot of people keep asking, so I’m just going to say it. The Culture Shock collaboration is pretty much finished and will drop in the new year, but if you come and see me play no doubt you will hear it sooner!”

Listen to Dimension’s debut single – Love To Me