Exclusive: Viper Recordings announce Viper LIVE

viper live two

Last year Futurebound’s Viper Recordings set a new personal benchmark last year with their biggest, busiest year of events to date. Celebrating 10 years of beats – and the banger-laden Decade Of Viper album – 2014 saw the heavyweight D&B brand take over venues across Europe and Australia, many of which were sold-out successes.

In the true spirit of drum & bass, this momentum will keep rolling and evolving with a brand new event concept: Viper LIVE. It launches on March 6 at Electric Brixton, London and their sights are set high.

We caught up with Viper’s event manager James Foster to find out more…

What’s Viper LIVE all about, then?

Well 2014 was a very strong and important year for us. It saw our first come back show in London since the closure of Cable *cries* and we were celebrating 10 Years Of Viper Recordings so we had to deliver. Therefore all our events were branded as the Decade Tour. We started off our celebrations with our first event in March at Fire London, we then had two more shows there in June and December.

As well as having fun in London we extended this across Europe and had lots of key shows / festivals which were incredible and will see us returning to some in 2015 with Viper LIVE. As well as exploring the UK and Europe we also stretched our Decade Of Viper tour to Australia and New Zealand. I’ll let the after movie from our sold out Metro City party in Perth speak for itself.

After this successful year of shows it was time for a new face, a new identity for Viper’s live shows and Viper LIVE was born!

Reckon you could sum Viper LIVE up in three words?

Ohh… Three is hard! The Best Nights? 

What do are the essential ingredients that any genuinely memorable and stand-out events should have?

Obviously at the forefront are artists. They are key; and with Viper I’m proud to say that we have some of the best producers & DJs in the world! Secondly MCs – we like to call them ‘hosts’. We have a great team of hosts that work with us and make the nights really memorable. Finally, sound! Everyone’s going to enjoy the music so it’s our job to deliver the best sound possible, sound you really feel!

There are many longstanding D&B events, what makes Viper LIVE stand out?

Atmosphere. The vibe we create at our events is different than some other D&B events, I find, as we extend our family vibe to all of our fans and it creates a really enjoyable atmosphere. At our last event (December 5 – Decade Of Viper Album Launch Party) I had fans from Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain coming up to me at the end, thanking us for such an enjoyable night. They explained to me how they had travelled from their home countries just for this event which is such a great feeling. Please do come and say ‘hi’ if you spot one of us!

It all kicks off on March 6, tell us everything…

Viper LIVE at Electric Brixton will be The Prototypes album launch party with support from Matrix & Futurebound, Cyantific, InsideInfo, Six Blade, Koncept with special guests being announced on Feb 6 with a bunch of live PAs who will be performing with The Prototypes. The night will also be hosted by: Rhymestar, IC3, Illaman, 2shy, Miss Trouble & Texas.

And beyond that….

All I can say at this stage is to keep your eyes peeled as we have more shows in more countries in the first six months of 2015 than we did during the entire of 2014. Keep up to date.

Tickets for Viper LIVE @ Electric Brixton are available on UKF Live.