Fabric remains open!


Yesterday the internet experienced a unanimous meltdown from all corners of the electronic music world as DJs, clubbers, labels anyone else remotely interested in beats united to support London club institution Fabric.

Just hours after the city newspaper Evening Standard reported the venue may lose its licence, a petition was established to highlight what an important role the venue has played for the music scene and the city itself. It was signed by over 30,000 people within 12 hours.

Prominent artists who signed and shared the petition were The Chemical Brothers, Annie Mac, Marky and Dub Phizix who stated on his Facebook account that “the knock-on effect of losing this venue would be devastating to the future of electronic music and culture worldwide.”

The club’s licence was in the balance due to four drug-related deaths at the venue in the past three years. In light of a council consultation last night, the club, local authorities and the metropolitan police have agreed on a plan that see heighten sniffer dog patrols, more extensive searches and ID scans on arrival at the venue.

Some critics have argued that these lengths seem a little extreme – certainly the ID scans – but we’ll save the discussion on privacy laws for another day… It’s almost Christmas and one of the UK’s most important venues (a venue that has supported the very best dubstep and drum & bass since day one) remains open. Big shout out to everyone who shared and signed the petition.

Source: Evening Standard

Image source: Sarah Ginn Photography (via Fabric)