Flux Pavilion & Doctor P drop surprise three track EP

flux pavilion & doctor p

Didn’t see this one coming*…

Flux Pavilion & Doctor P have just dropped a three track EP out of the blue with none of the standard internet hype beforehand.

No fanfare, no teasers, no nothing: Flux Pavilion & Doctor P – Party Drink Smoke is dubstep’s answer to Beyonce’s Lemonade. We called up Doctor P and asked… Which one of the Circus co-founders is Becky with the good hair?

“I think it would have to be Fluxy with the blue hair. Although I don’t think he’s broken up any relationships,” laughs the good doctor. “But seriously, we really wanted to just make the tracks and get them out straight away. We wanted to let the music do the talking, so we decided to just upload and release the tracks with no warning or promo campaign.”

Flux Pavilion & Doctor P: Party Drink Smoke

Thinking about it we probably should’ve called the EP Party Drink Vape to be in line with contemporary trends

Ranging from wonky rifle clicks of the Jarren Benton-fronted title track to the animated riff on Stampede by way of the swaggering sweary synth funk jam Fuckers, the cuts were just made just before Christmas and pretty much doubles the amount of collaborations the pair have officially created.

“In the whole time me and Flux have known each other we’ve actually made a really small number of tracks together,” says Doctor P. “That’s part of the reason we wanted to do this EP. Producing music as a solo artist can get pretty boring sometimes, and it can be easy to get stuck on tracks. Collaborations always move along at a much faster pace, so it can be a lot more enjoyable collaborating. Collaborating is always fun. I definitely want to do some more tracks together!”

If this EP goes well it could set a precedent for more sudden bombs from the Circus bosses. Doctor P did say he was on a mission to release more music last time we spoke to him. Just one thing to clear up… If they’re all about the partying, drinking and smoking which one is the biggest party animal?

“Yeah thinking about it we probably should’ve called the EP Party Drink Vape to be in line with contemporary trends,” laughs Doctor. “Neither of us are really massive party animals. We grew up in rural England where nothing crazy ever happens. Flux is definitely more of a party guy than me, though. I learned to produce music by staying in when all my friends were out having fun!”

Here’s to staying in. Flux Pavilion & Doctor P – Party Drink Smoke is out now on Circus Recordings. Support it.

*Okay, we did see something coming. We were told about one of the tracks coming – Stampede – which we teased you with on yesterday’s episode of The Drop. But we really didn’t know about the other two tracks. Here’s the full April episode of The Drop in case you’ve missed it….