Fourward announce new album: Expansion


Shogun’s Austrian tech quartet Fourward have confirmed their next album will drop on October 21.

12 tracks heavy, Expansion marks a new chapter for the band who signed to Friction’s label in February 2015. Stamped with their now-trademark size 10 neuro bootprints but laced with diversions into more melodic areas, it’s the broadest document they”ve created so far with appearances from Friction, Mefjus, Jakes and more. Here’s an early taste…

We sent them some questions to find out more…

Debut album on Shogun. No pressure. Actually lots of pressure. How much pressure? 

When we first got the deadline dates earlier this year, we thought that finishing the album in time wouldn’t be possible. Especially as we planned to work with other artists and vocalists. But to our surprise, the whole process so smoothly.

Expansion: the expansion of your sound?

Making an album is always a growing process for any artist I think. Tracklist-wise of course there’s the heavy stuff, but we also touched more melodic corners of the genre, or took a peak outside of the D&B boundaries…. Check out From East with PEP for instance.

Was it fun to have the freedom and space to play with more styles and sounds?

We tried to concentrate on our signature sound whilst still pushing the envelope… It’s a fine line! Saying that I think there’s a lot of diversity within those sounds. We think its a good mix for our debut.

Four of you… There must have been a few arguments? 

There have not been many arguments. Sorry for the unexciting answer haha! Over the years we have grown up and also learned to put our egos aside. I think it’s called swarm intelligence hehe

If the album has ONE message what would it be?

One thing we liked about D&B from day one was that there doesn’t always have to be one clear message. We’re such a mixed bag and the influences within our scene musically follow that. Everyone can find out for him or herself. Some might like to go rowdy to it, some may be into certain melodies or technical details. We won’t tell you what the message is, it’s up to you to make up your own minds.

Fourward – Expansion is out October 21 on Shogun Audio. Get it here.

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