Heads Up: Fred V & Grafix – Hurricanes marks the start of a whole load of new material from the Hospital duo

Oxygen isn’t even a year old yet but already Fred V & Grafix have written enough material to follow it up with a third album.

Don’t get too excited. No release date or title have been mentioned, but the fact they’ve already created enough music for an album in less than 10 months since they released one of our favourite albums of 2016  is a remarkable feat considering their in-demand status and heavily committed DJ schedule. What’s more, they tell us that it’s the most personal and organic body of work they’ve ever created with no features or collaborations planned so far.

Clearly happier than ever with their sound, process and direction, the first sign of this new flow of material landed earlier this month: Hurricanes (Wild Love)

It’s set to be followed by more new music very soon. We squeezed a moment or two of their time to find out more. Recognise…

Congratulations on Hurricanes. Tell us how it came about and Fred is it you on vocals again? It sounds… Different.

Fred V: Well hello there. Yes it’s me singing, about 10 layers I think, lots of pitching around which is why it sounds a bit different. We really like heavily layered vocals, from people like Bon Iver, Imogen Heap and The Japanese House, it’s something that hasn’t been done much in drum & bass so we’re having a lot of fun with it at the moment. I think our vocal processing already sounds a lot better than it did on Oxygen, I hope other people feel that way! There are a few more vocals like that that we’re working on at the moment, really looking forward to getting them out there.

Word on the street is this is the start of album number three…. How far into it are you?

Grafix: We have a lot of music in the pot at the moment, we tend to just make as much as we can until we’re told to stop. Without giving too much away, we definitely have enough music for the next album. The plan now is to refine the pot down a bit and pick which tracks stay and which go.

Oxygen isn’t even a year old – you must have cracked straight on with this. Wasn’t there need for a break from the process?

Fred V: No, I think at the end of the second album we’ve become a lot more efficient at making music. Oxygen took ages to write, there were a lot of vocals written that the A&R team turned down. For instance Ignite had four full vocals built and recorded around it that were all turned down, which was obviously very frustrating at the time, but through the experience we’ve become a lot better at writing music generally. We haven’t had any big disagreements with the A&R team yet, which is hopefully a good sign! 

We obviously don’t want to drive the hype wagon too soon but what else can we know about album three right now?

Grafix: It’s by far the most organic, personal music we’ve written so far – it’s the first project where we’ve decided to do everything ourselves, no vocal features, no collaborations, everything on the album will be written, sung or played by us. Hopefully that’s not a bad thing! We’re pretty happy with how everything is sounding so far. We will have a couple more singles out before the album comes out, which should give more of a taste of the direction we’re going in. Stay tuned!

Fred V & Grafix: Hurricanes (Wild Love) is out now

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