Free Download: Alix Perez – Surplus One EP

 alix perez surplus one

Okay… We’re a tiny bit late on this one. But good music is timeless. And this is awesome: Alix Perez has just given away an entire free EP!

Four tracks in total, some of which will be instantly recognisable to those of you who enjoyed his recent UKF podcast, Alix Perez – Surplus One includes the jaw-dropping Understand, which was released as a teaser on his Instagram for the Headz vs Exit clash last year.

Given away as a thank you to his fans for their continued support, it’s an on-point document that demonstrates Perez’s ongoing explorations around the D&B/half time/beats axis.

Complete with a collaborations with fellow innovator Stray – the bell-chiming, filthy-assed bounce banger RIP N DIP – we can all agree this EP is a bit better than a poxy thank you card, right?

Have a listen, nod your head, tap your feet and inject four ace new Perez tracks into your playlist. Head on over to his Bandcamp page to cop them.

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