Free Download: Celebrate Four Years Of Kannibalen With Free Flesh!


Flesh munching, blood guzzling, bass slurping: Our cannibal forefathers enjoyed eating their fellow man, contemporary cannibals much prefer treating their fellow man… To awesome music and some of the most exciting names to have emerged in bass music in recent years.

Shout out to Kannibalen; the Montreal-based collective founded by Black Tiger Sex Machine that has since spawned the likes of Snails, Dabin, Apashe and Kai Wachi (to name but a few) have consistently delivered their own take on bass music, electro, dubstep, D&B and trap.

Refusing to play the pigeonhole game, seldom recruiting big names to help the hype, doing things by their own rules, in the past four years they’ve gone from a one off party at Montreal’s Le Belmont to a brand with a massive global footprint.

Celebrating their fourth anniversary in style, they’ve put together a 16 track bundle of label classics for those who want to get up to speed / fill any gaps in their collection. Available as a BitBundle with BitTorrent or streamable on Spotify, the package includes next level bass workouts such as Kai Wachi and Squnto’s Brain Splat, Dabin’s Kyoto, Black Tiger Sex Machine’s Electrons and many more.

Stream the whole lot right here. And while you’re listening, read on for Black Tiger Sex Machine’s four favourite Kannibalen memories and releases.

Happy anniversary Kannibalen!

Download Free Flesh: BitTorrent / MediaFire

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Four Favourite Memories

The first Kannibalen event has got to be the first, because we moved from just a handful of local DJs to a roster of producers (Snails, BTSM Apashe, Dabin, Lektrique) with international aspirations that we followed through on since.

Second would be when we got our first office and had the Kannibalen Christmas party which birthed some of our biggest friendships. There was also, of course, beer pong!

Next would have to be the Adidas football license for an ad with Lionel Messi, because we’re huge soccer fans! To have a song from the label be synced on a commercial with one of the world’s best soccer players still gives us shivers to this day.

Our fourth would be Electric Forest 2015 for numerous reasons. We had three Kannibalen artists on the lineup, so it was surreal to move from our intimate Montreal events to one of the best festivals in the United States.

Four Favourite Releases

Kai Wachi – Dissolve

This was the birth of Kannibalen’s synth master. We knew from that release that there was something really special about Kai.

Dabin – Touch feat. Daniela Andrade

Touch was the first visual step in a new direction and the reception the single got was huge. So much so that we just had to do a remix EP for it to keep the project going.

Apashe – No Twerk

No Twerk has been our biggest release ever. It went from a free release to over 15,000 singles sold, with a lot of that coming from its viral impact in Russia, where we ended up filming the No Twerk VIP music video. Still to this day the song’s popularity is growing!

Snails – King Is Back

This record is a dancefloor anthem for the freaks, and we love it. We’ll cut the fader before the drop and let the people scream the lyric before the drop. It’s pure madness and people really connect with it.

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