Free Download: Moody Good – This Is The Investigation

moody good

Nest HQ hit the big five-oh in forward-thinking, future-focused style with Moody Good – This Is The Investigation.

The first new material we’ve experienced from Eddie Jefferys since he painted a brave new bass world with his self-titled debut album last summer, This Is The Investigation sees him digging even deeper into sound design and experimentalism.

Six tracks in total, each one building on the last, the adventure is best experienced as an entire narrative. Our journey starts with a lonely walk down dark, slime-soaked alley before slowly emerging into a larger abstract sonic metropolis where Trentemoller-style ripples and ghostly moans of Krong Thrips create unease and The Green Mill offers smokey, jazzy respite thanks to its sludgy triphop breaks and well-curated spoken word samples.

The real pay-off, naturally, is the climax finale Witness The Fuxness.  A frank and respectful homage to Roots Manuva’s gamechanging 2001 bruiser Witness (1 Hope), Moody Good’s now trademark scratchy, scuffy sandpaper bass ensures its dancefloor appeal.

Nest have never been afraid to push the envelop during their 50 release tenure. But, even by their standards, this one is pretty daring. Essential investigating.

Moody Good – This Is The Investigation