Free Download: Snails & HeRobust – Pump This VIP

snails & herobust - pump this VIP

We’re  a few days late on this, but killer VIP freebies of these proportions have a much longer shelf life than a weekend…

First delivered on OWSLA last summer, Snails & HeRobust’s sludgy, droning, almost-techy Pump This was another big slimy leap up the ladder for Snails.

A man who’s enjoyed one of the most exciting developments in bass music’s recent years, Snails mentioned the HeRobust collaboration when we interviewed him last June. Since that introduction Snails (real name Fred) and has since gone on to tour North American and perform at some of the biggest festivals on the circuit, dish out an array of unique fresh beats, collaborate with Jack U and loads more… All the while adding a fresh perspective with his instantly distinctive self-styled vomit-step.

Full circle vibes: A year after its full release, OWSLA are set to deliver four fresh new remixes from Getter, Drezo, Apashe and Ghastly on August 18. In the meantime, here’s Snails & HeRobust – Pump This VIP.

A lesson in VIP fix-ups, the stompy drone has been switched to a much spacier, looser groove with fractured beats but all the growls remain intact. Summed up in a word: funky. Summed up in a few more: grab this sick-soaked mothercrusher while the free download still exists.

Snails & HeRobust – Pump This VIP