Free Download: Throttle VS Freestylers – Push Up

throttle push up

Download fingers at the ready… This one’s a lesson in pure future funk.

Aussie artist Throttle has been living up to his name this year with a whole string of rubs, reversions and revamps. Here he’s taken the Freestylers’ 2004 disco bass boogie classic and brought it purring and vibing into the present with a low-riding, synth-slapped twist that’s unlike anything he’s done before.

Here’s what Throttle had to say about it…

“Push Up was actually one of the quickest tracks I’ve ever made. I was running on the treadmill and decided I needed a track that was the right speed to run to. After laying down some hip hop/old-school drum grooves, I started incorporating the vocals from Push Up by The Freestylers and then everything just fell into place! It’s completely out of my comfort zone – unlike anything I’ve tried before, but that’s what made it such a refreshing track to produce. It’s been tough balancing school and music this year, but now that I’ve graduated I can finally dedicate all my time to making Dirty Disco music and perfecting my live show in 2015!”

And we can dedicate the next few minutes of our time to this… Enjoy!