G Jones has just dropped a killer bass package

g jones

We cited G Jones as a player to watch this year. And so far he’s not disappointed us.

From his absurd, genre-busting New Beats 2015 mixtape to his Nite School Klik project with DJ Shadow to the awesome Mystery Spot with Bassnectar, G Jones have next levelled the shit out of 2015 so far.

He’s leveled up again this month with An Odd EP In The Pit Of My Hardrive; an 11 track EP that he’s giving away (or pay a price of your choice)

Launched last week but uploaded to Soundcloud last night, it’s drenched in freshness and weirded out low end vibes – many of which have been lurking in his set or existing as clip on his Soundcloud for a while.

From the old school rave slapdown Broken Glowsticks to the rampant, paranoid Syntax Error to the softer, synth-laden Lavender Town via the out-and-out club blunderbuss that spawned the title of the EP – That Odd Feeling In The Pit Of My Stomach – it’s a great representation of Jones’s distinctive, creative bass sound… And awesome fodder for all selectors. Check it below then download the whole package right here.

There are still four months left in 2015 beat tank… Let’s see what else Jones delivers in that time!

G Jones – The Odd EP In The Pit Of My Hard Drive