Getter, JPhelpz, Dubloadz and Extrax robbed and held at gunpoint at New Jersey show


It’s been reported that some seriously dark activities occurred on Saturday night at a Wild Bull party in New Jersey as Dubloadz was removed from the venue, Extrax’s laptop and JPhelpz’s wallet were stolen and Getter was held at gunpoint… And the venue’s security and staff have been rumoured to be responsible.

The total antithesis of anyone’s perception of a successful night, it would appear the event had suffered bad luck several days before. Investors had pulled out last minute, leaving local uprising warm-up artist Extrax – whose stolen laptop had a whole wealth of new material including a full EP and a Wasteland Recordings album – to fulfill the downpayments for the guest DJs personally in order for the show to go on.

As the show transpired, all DJs experienced some extremely heavy handed – and illegal – tactics that involved violence, theft and firearms. Dubloadz states on his Facebook that his arm was almost broken while JPhelpz’s wallet theft had potential to leave him stranded in New Jersey as he didn’t have any ID to board his flight home. report that sources suggest the security weren’t the only suspects in the events while have two short videos that suggest the intense and aggressive attitude backstage. Check both stories for more details and see below for the most recent statements by all DJs involved.

The most important thing is no DJs were badly harmed and, mercifully, reports like this are few and far between. But as a result they seem all the more shocking and sad when they do occur. If you attended the event or know anything about this please inform the authorities.

Picture: JPhelpz (credit Freddy D’Angelo Studios)



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