Getter Will Launch Shred Collective This Friday

After weeks of teasing, hyping and fricking with us, Getter has finally revealed more on his forthcoming Shred Collective project.

Shred Collective will comprise a squad of creative kindred spirits – not just producers or DJs but artists, clothes designers and beyond – who are working together on awesome looking limited-edition merch and bundles to complement the music. Check out what they have on their store for a taste of what they’re about (the Shred Flintstone and Shreddy Kruger designs are particularly awesome)

Armed with a strong vivid visual theme that’s totally in-keeping with the aesthetic, character and phenomenon Getter has created over the last few years and driven by the more far-out, experimental side of bass music, the releases will be monthly and they start this Friday, March 10 with Inhalant Abuse…

Resonating with fans of halftime and the beatsy vibes of innovative, future-focused acts such as Shades or Ivy Lab, Getter’s huffing some strong stuff here. Wonked, metallic and weirded-out, it’s a serious statement for the project launch and sets the scene for a brilliantly unpredictable future. We’re looking forward to seeing how this develops.

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