Ghosts ‘n DJs: Fight the fakers side-scroller style!

Ghosts 'n DJs

Some wish they could be them… some wish they could slap them around a little bit. Whatever your opinion of some of the biggest DJs in the world is, you now have the opportunity to be pitted against them in a retro arcade-style shoot ‘em up game, currently being developed via Kickstarter by Spanish house producer Dr Kucho.

Ghosts ‘N DJs (inspired by the classic Ghost ‘n Goblins, which Kucho describes as “the best side scroller ever”) takes you on a crusade to destroy the hordes of fake DJs taking over the world by dominating the music scene.

You’ll encounter Devil Gueta, Steve Sushi, Paris Sheraton, Pauly Douchebag and PitBullshit on your travels, and you’ll be administering your own brand of justice with vinyl, pen drives, cassette tapes and more!

Ghosts 'n DJs

First you’ll have to dodge each characters special moves, which include throwing pies (Steve Sushi) and hiring others to attack you (Paris Sheraton) and then watch as your enemies explode into piles of money.

Ghosts 'n DJs

The tongue-in-cheek story-line pokes fun at EDM and the characters within it, but looks like we’ll have to wait to experience it in full as a further $40,000 has to be raised before it can go ahead. Got a spare $40K? Well Gucho might just write you into the game for the right donation!

Check out the Kickstarter page where you can donate and download a cheeky demo version. Here’s what the game will look like if Gucho gets the right funding…

(Source: Mixmag)