Girl Headbangs To Datsik Too Hard, Requires Stitches

datsik headbang

In a story that’s painfully similar to the Barely Alive fan who fractured his neck, another serious bass injury has come to light over the weekend.

Say hello to Alysha Paige, known on Twitter as Twisted Peppermint, a girl who headbanged on the rail so hard during a Datsik show in Miami on March 18 that she cracked her head open and required stitches.

Whatever side of the headbang/not headbang divide you stand on (as long as you’re enjoying the music and not hurting anyone it’s all good, surely?) this is another case of a fan enjoying the moment just a little bit too much. Her only regret, according to social media, is that she missed Zomboy as a result. 

It seemed she had the best attention both medically and personally, though… Snails visited her backstage while paramedics sorted her out and gave her his cap.

Most importantly, though, Alysha is fine. She appears to be in good spirits about the whole affair and has even responded to various commenters on the Firepower Facebook page. Props Alysha for your attitude and love for the music… But maybe headbang a little further from the rail next time? We’re glad you’re okay!


datsik headbang 2