Goldie announces full details of new album The Journey Man and reveals new track I Adore You

We’ve been waiting on this one for a long long time…

Last night on Radio 1Xtra DJ Target premiered Goldie’s first original production since 2015’s Broken Man.

Entitled I Adore You, and penned with Ulterior Motive, it officially marks the launch of The Journey Man, his eagerly-anticipated sixth album (including the ground-breaking Timeless, both Saturn albums, Sine Tempus and his Rufige Kru Malice In Wonderland LP).

Hitting hard with the signature hurricane emotion he’s been synonymous with for over 25 years, I Adore You sets the scene for what could potentially be his strongest work since Timeless. We don’t use these words lightly.

This is how it sounds…

Soulful, surging, spacious and skin-meltingly dynamic – it’s got all the hallmarks we love and respect The Alchemist for. Pre-order The Journey Man ahead of its June 16 release on Metalheadz and grab it for percy now. Full tracklist from The Journey Man below, we can’t wait to hear more.


Part one
01. ‘Horizons’
02. ‘Prism’
03. ‘Mountains
04. ‘Castaway’
05. ‘The Mirrored River’
06. ‘I Adore You – Goldie vs. Ulterior Motive’
07. ‘I Think Of You’
8. ‘Truth ft José James’

Part two
09. ‘Redemption’
10. ‘Tu Viens Avec Moi?’
11. ‘The Ballad Celeste’
12. ‘This Is Not A Love Song’
13. ‘The River Mirrored’
14. ‘Triangle’
15. ‘Tomorrow’s Not Today’
16. ‘Run Run Run’

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