What happens when you send deadmau5 a disposable camera?


When deadmau5 offered to sign any copies of his album while(1<2), fan Ryan Talbot leveled up by sending him a copy of the album and a disposable camera.

After four months – and several tweets from mau5 himself acknowledging the camera and promising silly selfies – Ryan’s camera returned, complete with some pretty cool snaps. Ryan filmed its arrival, grand opening and, three days later, the developed photos. The results show deadmau5 at his most candid.

Comprising photos of his cats, a few selfies (including bathroom shots that reveal his sink-side DJ Mag trophies) and – best of all – pictures of the immense analogue maze that is the deadmau5 studio, it’s a really interesting insight into the life of one of electronic music’s most outspoken players. Watch Ryan’s video below…