Harry Shotta receives full Guinness World Record recognition


Over a year later and it’s still one of the maddest stories in MC-led UK D&B…

Last year Harry Shotta – alongside Phantasy and Dextone as The Harry Shotta Show – broke Eminem’s world record of most words in a track. Eminem squeezed 1560 into Rap God while Harry smashed 1771 into Animal.

We were the first to report the story which went viral within hours of reporting. At the time the record was technically broken but was in no way approved by Guinness. Since then it’s been completely officiated and has even been included in the Guinness Book Of World Records 2017 which was released last week. Check it out, UKF gets a mention…



“The article helped us confirm the record. After you ran the story it went viral and a lot of US guys like T Pain and Wacka Flocka got onto it. It was a big look and it started right here on UKF. From there our manager just continually updated Guinness about it. He let them know how much momentum the whole story was getting and they couldn’t deny the buzz it was receiving. They recognised it was more than those ‘own the most dogs in the world’ or ‘eat as many cakes in the world’ type of chancer records. This was legit!”

For added legitimacy, their follow up track Watching Me Now went on to pick up Best Video at the recent Drum & Bass Awards.

Now Harry, Phantasy and Dextone are set to build on the momentum and attention as they switch from record breaking to record making: their debut album It’s Showtime is released on September 30 on their own label Showtime Music and will feature the likes of Scrufizzer, Harvey So Solid, Stormin, Flirta D and many more.

“The album represents our shows,” says Harry. “We play drum & bass but we mix in a lot of hip-hop and grime and everything that’s happening in the clubs.”

“It’s about audience participation in everything we do,” adds Phantasy. “We reflect what’s happening in music and what the crowd loves. It’s got different eyes looking at us and helping to join the dots and bridge the gaps that our type of drum & bass has often had. And do it with honesty and authenticity… You can’t fool supporters – they’re the key to all of this.”

Successfully adding a whole new dimension to UK MC craft, Harry, Phantasy and Dextone will continue to build on their unique story. But don’t expect the record breaking to be a gimmick or signature…

“We just did it for the fun and highlight the UK’s contribution to rapping,” says Harry. “Some people saw it as a dis to Eminem but it wasn’t. He’s one of the greatest rappers of all time! I hope he saw the video and enjoyed it!”

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