Harry Shotta: “The world’s a scary place. If there’s a perfect time to hold a rave on a Tube, it’s now…”

We’ve all seen the Trollstation video now. Easily the notorious often scantily clad prankster selector Discoboy’s most successful public performance yet, Monday night’s rave on the Bakerloo line will go down as one of the best staged drum & bass-related pranks in history. Mainly down to Harry Shotta who plays the role of an innocent bystander humbly asking to take the mic.

In the slim chance you were off-grid, sleeping or lost at sea yesterday – or you just want to watch it again for the buzz of it – here’s how it went down…

It was, as all the headlines describe, a “full on rave” complete with decks, lights, an MC and a tangible underground vibe (not sorry)

The party actually went on for approximately 25 minutes and culminated in the British Transport Police showing genuine humour and an understanding of the harmless, good-natured fun that was intended in the first place. We called up record breaker Harry to find out what went down from his point of view. Far from the innocent bystander, he was involved from the off and helped carry the decks, lights and speakers down the stairs at Elephant & Castle…

“I’ve known Jarvo from Trollstation for years, we’re both from the same area. I’ve been watching what they’ve been doing and seeing how they’ve blown up with crazy pranks. We actually bumped into each other at the local gym. He explained this idea he had and I was on board straight away… It’s perfect. People spend their time on the Tube trying not to look each other in the eye, this completely flips that!  

“That was two weeks ago. Once we all agreed, it just happened. The guys are pros. Watching them set it up so quickly was mental. We all got on at Elephant & Castle, had a spot of trouble getting the kit down the stairs but the second we got on, they were sticking wall paper up on the windows to mask out lights and putting equipment up. Within two stops we had a proper party going on.

“It actually went on for about 25 minutes and the vibe was real. Everyone young and old were getting into it and could see it was fun and totally social. We had people raving with us, loads of people taking photos and getting involved. Many people who probably think they don’t like drum & bass but actually do when they see the vibe in action. Loads of interaction and positivity. The complete opposite to the standard Monday night Tube vibe.

“It was beautiful. The world’s a scary place at the moment, if there’s a perfect time to hold a rave on a Tube, it’s now. The fact that the police also understood what we were doing and were really good-natured about it was the icing on the cake. Massive respect to them, to Discoboy, Trollstation and, most importantly, everyone who happened to be on the Tube and partied with us!”

Harry’s no stranger to unique ways of bringing drum & bass to the unsuspecting public. In 2015 we broke the news of his World Record breaking feat against Eminem. It might be wise to follow him and see what he does next…