Has Kill The Noise FINALLY Finished His Album?

kill the noise

As far as long-awaited albums go, this one is up there with Nero and Flux… Kill The Noise has been discussing his debut longer for years now. One of electronic music’s most interesting thinkers and observers, he’s speculated on UKF about his artistic development, and why he’s held back, on numerous occasions.

In one particular interview, 18 months ago, he stated that “putting things out there too early can ruin creativity,” that making announcements can cause “your peers and fans start speculating straight away without hearing anything,” and that “it’s hard, if not impossible, to fulfill those expectations!”

Well, as of last night, he made that announcement on his Facebook. Albeit rather cautiously. This is what he said…

“I turned all the masters in to the label for my album today. i don’t wanna get too far ahead of myself, so i’ll just leave it at that for now. as things develop ill write some notes here. thanks for sticking around while i work on this thing, its been a lot of work! i’ve learned a lot of stuff in the process, this will be the biggest single collection of songs i put out, i guess technically my first album. took me long enough. thanks again guys.”

kill the noise

The gap between submitting masters and the actual release can be upwards of half a year… But, considering how thoughtful and restrained he’s been about making bold announcements, it’s clear that the album is definitely en route. And we can’t wait to hear it.

Keep your peepers on his posts for more updates….

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