Has Ram Records been hacked?

Ram Records’ online platforms are currently experiencing some peculiar glitches.

Earlier this morning on their Facebook, the label stated their website was experiencing maintenance issues. That post has since been deleted and replaced by black images which have caused all kinds of speculation from fans in the comments, including potential deaths or the end of the label.

The main Ram Records website, meanwhile, seems to have been affected much more severely as a dismembered head (pictured above) floats around on their homepage with an eerie, mangled high pitched laugh. We don’t need to point out the similarities between the hacked head and another very well known, high profile drum & bass artist.

Ram Records representatives have confirmed that their online platforms have been compromised but declined to offer comment at this stage until they can deduce the source of the problem and release an official statement.

Dare we say it, this one might be worth getting some popcorn in for. Keep your eyes on the Ram Records website and their Facebook for further developments, we’ll report more details as soon as we know them.