Who The Hell Is Mohican Sun?


The plot thickens…

September 8: Dawn Wall introduce a new artist Mohican Sun on their Facebook page stating… “just the beginning…join the tribe”

September 13: Friction drops the Mohican Sun premiere – Where Did You Go. Another deep, dreamy roller that’s in-line with the output we’ve been lapping up from his/her/their tribesmate(s) Dawn Wall, it’s all strings and wins. Beautiful.

We shouted Integral Records bossman Glenn (one half of Artificial Intelligence) for more details. It’s not a lot but it’s something to go on… Where Did You Go is part of a currently untitled four track EP that’s scheduled for a late October release and that “Mohican Sun is a new member of the tribe. A new combination of producers including original members of the camp.”

Producers / original members. Note the plural. Then keep your eyes on this Dnbforum thread as they’re the most eagle-eyed sleuths in D&B’s best ever alias game.

Let’s see how this develops and how many more will join this tribe. As exciting / intriguing as it all is, as Friction says in the rip, most importantly the music amazing. Looking forward to the full EP.

Keep your eyes on Mohican Sun: Facebook / Soundcloud